New look for my 'pensel'

9:00 AM / by Pojan

Setelah beberapa lama tidak berblog, cuti sem yang panjang dan membosankan urge me to blog, again!
Haha aku tau blog aku ni tidaklah seberapa, but at least edit blog (blogspot) da menghilangkan bosan aku sepanjang cuti ni. Kali ni, my blog show itself with the new edited template! Yes, it is new and awesome.


This new template is originally a wordpress theme. However, thanks to Blog Oh! Blog for the design and Blogger Template for the converted template. As powerful as it is, the original Firebug is still the best. For me, sehebat mana pon blogger punya template, Wordpress still is the best. Tapi kenapa aku pilih Blogger sebagai platform untuk aku berblog? That is another episode.

So, what are new in this template?

1. Simple yet AWESOME header
Yes, the header is so simple and awesome, just some simple typography will do the tricks. For some reasons, I add some design that represents Christmas celebration. Yes, Christmas. I do celebrate it, well nit literally. I'm just intoxicated with 1Malaysia and you should too.

simple yet awesome
2. Navigation bar
It is new, here at least. Dalam template sebelum ni aku tak dapat nak letak navigation bar ni, sebab usually navigation kat atas ni untuk pages seperti About Me, Disclaimer, Sitemap, and much more stuffs. Now, thanks to Blogger's new feature, 'edit page', dah buat aku semangat nak menggunakan Navigation bar sebaik yang boleh! Though it is not as good as wp's.

nice to look nav bar
3.Nuffnang's adds and space for advertising
Wait, how come Nuffnang's adds is new? It is not, saja nak let you know that I have Nuff's adds and please click on it so that I can buy some food to eat and to continue write my blog. Yeah, true story. Clicking it wont harm you in any way, so why not click? While Nuff's adds are there, advertising space are also available. Yes, and there are six of them! For now the space for site adds are available for free, and you can get it here (link will be post soon).

klik la nuff's adds tu
4. Sharing is made easier with AddThis.
Each time you read a post and you think it is worth for you to share. Why waste your time to open your sosial pages and type the link to the post? Just use AddThis to share the great story.

it shows bookmarks that were often used
5. It's numbered page navigator. Wait, it can slide?
Yes it is numbered page navigator that can SLIDE. Well, mungkin skarang tak berguna sangat, sebab post lama semua cam tak bes. So tunggu lama sket bila da banyak pos yang sempoi, baru la slider ni menjalankan tugasnya.

widget by Abu Farhan

Se-power mana pon template tu, it is still another template. If you want to give the Firebug a try, get it here. (link will be provided soon)