5 Reasons to use Twitter

7:40 PM / by Pojan

As the time flows, lots of new technologies had exists. From Friendster to Myspace to Hi5 to Facebook and recently, Twitter. Twitter is a simple yet powerful social networking network that lets you follow the conversations of the streams of your interests. You can only write up to 140 characters in length, but never let it fool you about how powerful Twitter is.

Followings are 5 reasons why to use Twitter

1. Dont have the time to blog? Try Microblogging

 If you love to blog about what happens to you on daily basis but you just don't have enough time to write it, try microblogging. Just tweet your thoughts at Twitter. In no time your reader will know what you're doing and immediately respond to your tweet. Yes, these happen for free! 

However,  this experience can be better by using one of the Twitter client available throughout the internet.

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2. Have questions? Ask and you'll get your answer fast!

Have something in your mind and want the answer immediately? Just tweet the thing you want to know about and in no time you'll get the answer(ssssss i suppose). The more follower you have, the more detail and accurate the answer you'll get. Like for examples, you tweet 'Where can i find the best breakfast in ipoh?' and your follower will respond something like 'behind the syariah court', or 'Vangay' or much much more. See how more followers will provide you with more reliable answer? 

An alternative to ask question is at TwitQA. Just tweet the question and wait random people to answer it. Not only you can ask, you can also answer questions there.

3. Find some jobs

If you are thinking of finding a job and just don't know where to start, Twitter might be the best option. Just follow one of those big companies twitter profile and when they have any vacancies available. But it is better at @microjobs as it acts not only for company to advertise vacancies available but also as a medium for you to tell the world that you need a job and it can be specific!

p/s: however i can't find such thing as @microjobs for specific use in Malaysia , yet.

4. Get news and updates on the things that you love

Through Twitter, you can get news and updates the instant they update their database! How wicked fast is that? By this you'll get to what are the latest things and never be call 'so last week' by your friends again. @cnn,@tv3malaysia and @GIZMODO are some examples. 

5. As an advertising medium

 Twitter is so simple and powerful and people around the world has started to notice this as early as Twitter's existance. However they have to advertise without exceeding the 140 characters limit and this has made the advertiser to become more and more creative when advertising as they need to advertise within 140 characters limit yet the adds still give big impression.

Some of company that uses Twitter to advertise and help you to generate money are ChurpChurp and Ad.ly

The post for how to use Twitter for business uses and advertisement uses will be posted later.

p/s: I'm still not good in writing, especially writing articles, give your opinion and suggestion in the comment section below. Thanks! :D