It has been a while!

1:52 AM / by Pojan

Pergghh! Dah lama gila aku tak bukak blog. Dah ada macam macam jenis sarang dah dalam blog ni, sarang labah-labah, sarang semut, sarang tenuk (?) dan macam-macam lagi. Kena bersihkan ni! Pffft!

Even hamster pon terkejut tengok sarang-sarang yang ada kat blog ni -___- How come aku dah lama tak menjenguk kalerpenselaku ni? Aku dah jadi kaya? Aku dah ada banyak awek? Aku jadi CEO company? Well, semua pon salah (seriously? CEO of a company? Me??)

The fact is, I was just to busy with assignments, quizes, tests and lots more. I mean, come on dude, I'm still a student! At this point of my life, I could only think of graduating as fast as possible from this mind fucking place! No offence though. How hard I struggled for it, I still have to study at least 2 and a half years before I literally leave this place..OMG.

Now that I'm a 'lil bit free, I might be posting some stuffs and my opinions I think.

- notice the typo in the pic? well it's not mine so dont #troll me